The bishie of the group, Saiai is a nisei, a person born in America with Japanese parentage. Saiai came to Phoenix to study fashion arts, and lives in his room of the townhouse. Saiai's the oldest of the group, and despite his strange appearances, tastes, and his bewildering gay/strait behaivor, Saiai is also the most mature. He's unusual, sly, and risque, but anyone who can see past that will find that Saiai is a very warm-heated, respectful and all around nice guy. In fact, nice guy doesn't cut it - He's the ladies' guy.

Age: 22
Gender: male, male I say!
Eyes: He wears lime-green contacts. Of course, they're actually black.
Hair: Currently light-blue. Also actually black.
Height/Weight: 5'9"/128 lbs.
Let's play favorites! Saiai's favorite is: Mei. Out of the other three roomies, he's closest to Mei. Though they're close friends and very open with each other, they're just friends. Nothing more, nothing less.
Descent: Japanese
Favorite food: Spicy Korean squid.


Mei's the chick that's brave enough to board with these three guys. And in being the only girl, she of course gets certain rights. Mei bossess the guys around a bit, and of course she forfully claims that it's for their own good. Mei studies illustration at an art collage, thus leading her as well to the crowded but comfy little townhouse. She's a fan of manga, anime, J-rock and Visual Kei, and video gaming. While Mei's normally relitivly quiet, she'll explode strait from calm to frantic outbursts - often causing pain for the boys. But hey, they need some discipline!

Age: 19
Gender: female. Duh.
Eyes: red/brown
Hair: dark brown
Height/Weight: 5'5"/121 lbs.
Let's play favorites! Mei's favorite is: Saiai. Mei takes to Saiai well, and sees him as the best friend/big brother type.
Descent: Persian and Austrian
Favorite food: Dan-dan noodles.


Mike's is the quiet one, and is the youngest (and smallest!) of the group. He's fondly though of by all as the unspoken 'baby' of the group. He's taking his freashmen year at a community collage near their home, then plans to transfer to a university thereafter to study literature and technology. Dispite how withdrawn he acts, Mike enjoys people's company and often acts as a mediator during arguments and fights. He also likes video games, reading Mei's shoujo manga when the other guys aren't watching, and perhaps more than anything else...Mike likes to sleep. And 'cheep.

Age: 18
Gender: male
Eyes: brown/black
Hair: dark brown...though it's hard to tell under that hat he's always wearing.
Height/Weight: 5'3"/118 lbs.
Let's play favorites! Mike's favorite is: Mei. Though followed closly by Jo, Mike seems to be more relaxed around Mei than other people. Or maybe he just likes to read her comic books.
Descent: American.
Favorite food: Spaghetti.


Josiah is the second oldest, second tallest, and goes by Jo. He's the only completley 'normal' member of the crowd, thus why he suffers so. He's very uncomfortable about Saiai's...Saiai-ness. So Mei and Saiai tend to rub in it his face. Obviously, Jo gets into arguments with Mei and Saiai a lot. But despite that...Jo kind of likes Mei. A lot. But when this is shown, she returns the polar opposite feelings. But through and through, Jo's a pretty deccent guy. He's just got crappy luck. He studies computer programming and Sanskrit at a state university in their city.

Age: 20
Gender: male
Eyes: light hazel
Hair: dirty dark-blonde/bronet.
Height/Weight: 5'8"/163 lbs.
Let's play favorites! Jo's favorite is: Mike. They have their squabbles, but all-around, are good friends. They share many common interests, and are both realitivly 'normal.'
Descent: Native American, British, and Trasylvanian (How the heck did that happen?)
Favorite food: A good BLT!


Jef is Mike's best friend. They went to highschool together, and no Jeff works part-time in a grocery store in the Mike, Mei, Saiai, and Jo's neck of the woods. Jef, like Mike, sleeps a lot. A whole lot. In fact, that's basically all they do when they hang out together, 'cheep.

Age: 18
Gender: male
Eyes: blue
Hair: blonde.
Height/Weight: 5'5"/139 lbs.
Let's play favorites! Jef's favorite is: Mike. He doesn't know the other three very well.
Descent: American and French, oddly enough.
Favorite food: Orange soda.


Naoko Sakamoto works for cYber HARAJUKU, and is assinged by his boss, Nagasai, to lead Mike, Mei, Saiai, and Jo around Tokyo after they win their unsusual prize vacation. His English is terrible by American standards, but he speaks enough to understand and communicate with the gang. He tries his best to guide his group around, but is soft-spoken and non-confrontational in nature and often loses control of situations. Naoko is also younger than the rest of the cast - he's only in high school.

Age: 17
Gender: male
Eyes: grey
Hair: black
Height/Weight: 5'5"/119 lbs.
Let's play favorites! Naoko's favorite is: He looks up to Mr. Nagasai like a father-figure.
Descent: Japanese
Favorite food: Vanilla cake.


Hanashikawa Nagasai is the sole owner of the entire cYber company. As such, he's a very busy man and always seems to be in a hurry. He's calm-natured, well rounded, and intuitive. He is also very fluent in multiple languages.

Age: Unknown. Looks to be in his thirties.
Gender: male
Eyes: grey
Hair: black
Height/Weight: 5'7"/160 lbs.
Let's play favorites! Nagasai's favorite is: Seiza.
Descent: Japanese
Favorite food: Ginger Tea.


Seiza Meishin is Nagasai's most trusted friend and right-hand man. He dresses in a very old-fashioned manner, and does not speak to the American characters; Seiza does not know English and refuses to be taught it. He always acts in a very serious manner, despite his age. Little is known about him.

Age: Unknown, but it is apparent by his face that Seiza is in the same age group as Mei, Saiai, and Jo.
Gender: male
Eyes: black
Hair: black
Height/Weight: 5'6"/125 lbs.
Let's play favorites! Nagasai's favorite is: Seiza.
Descent: Japanese
Favorite food: ???

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