Oekaki Rules

  • 1) - No spamming. Seriously people, NO SPAMMING.

  • 2) - No pronopraghy, hentai...etc. Nudity will be allowed for now, but on my discretion. Keep it tasteful, please.

  • 3) - Keep the foul language down. And no flamming - constructive critisism is much better.

With that said and done, click below to enter the oekaki board. Have fun and try your best! The oekaki board can save up to 50 current images and 30 archived ones, so the pick of the litter will get their images saved!

SGDGGT Oekaki Board!

What's an Oekaki Board?

Good Question! An oekaki board (Oekaki BBS) is a Japanese program. Basically, it's a message board and a paint program put together. People can create images using the java program, then save them to the board. Then, all the board's visitors will be able to comment out each other's pictures, make idle chit-chat...etc. It's fun, it's good for your motor skills, and it's a fun way to show off your talents. Try your best; no scribble-crap! :)

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