Welcome to the Store!

Come on in and have a look around! We have a few goodies for sale to help support this comic. Get the offical goods at great prices.

Item: Saiai's Bracelet
Price: Only 75 cents each!
Desc: The mysterious bracelet that Saiai clings is a stlyish little thread that you can now wear! They can be made to fit wrist or ankles, and for an additional 25 cents, be made in customs colors. (The regular colors are blue and white.) These are hand-made by yours truly, and come in muptiple sizes. To order custom colors, state that you are in the comment box on the order form, and write down which colors you'll want. (Ex: Custom Saiai Bracelet, Black and Red.) Only two colors may be chosen.

~New!~ Item: SGDGGT Poster!
Price: $4.00
Desc: Printed on thick, glossy paper, this bright poster will light up your wall, Andy Warhol style. This poster features Jo, Mei, Mike, and Saiai, and is 11"x14". Shipping within the US will be around $2-4 dollars. Click the picture to englarge.

~New!~ Item: Bumper sticker
Price: $2.50
Desc: They stick to bumpers! A picture of Mei alongside a Red Vespa alongside catchphrase, "Cheaper than Gas." This is printed on thick, glossy paper, and is standard bumper sticker size. This is a sticker, not vinyl cling. Shipping within the US will be around $1-2 dollars. Click the picture to englarge.

About Payment and Shipping

[11.12.04] - As for bracelets, The shipping for once bracelet will only be 36 cents - they fit in regular envelopes. Posters will be shipped in foam insulated poster envelopes, so that will arrive safely without being bent or rolled up. Shipping is avialable in the US - internationally shipping may vary and can be worked out.
I accept payment via cash or paypal. To place an order, email a filled-out order form to me. The order form template is displayed below, just copy and paste it and fill ALL of it out.

Order Form:

  • Full Name: _______________
  • Email Address: _______________
  • Address: ______________
  • City and State: _______________
  • Zip-code: _______________
  • Country: ______________

  • Item(s) ordered:
    • Item 1: _______________ Price: _______________
    • Item 2: _______________ Price: _______________
    • Item 3: _______________ Price: _______________
    If you are ordering more than 3, manually make more lines and number them. If you are ordering less than 3, then leave the extra spaces blank.
  • Total Price, w/o Shipping: _______________
    Shine Get Dumplings Go-Go Tower does not charge handling fees. The end price, with shipping, will be calculated for you.
    Payment method: _______________
    You can choose to send cash, or to pay via Paypal. I'd reccomended Paypal, however.
    Extra Comments: ___________________________

    Thank you for your order!

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