Har har! You've reached the Commissions Section!
Current status: Open!

What I can do for you: Anime/manga stylized works, Illustration, Realism, Fantasy, acryllic painting, graphic design/advertising. Variety is good.

Why I do it: You pay me money, I get money, I give you a great picture, and in doing so I get my skills recongized, You have a signed piece! It's the gift that just keeps giving!

How you partake in this greatness: Read all the fun stuff below, then email me at!

Prices will, of course, very depending upon the intricacy of the picture(s). Here are the helpful estimates!

Standard Prices
Pencil Work
Price depends on time spent and style.
$ 5 - $ 30
Ink/ Work
Price depends on time spent and style.
$ 15 - $ 40
Colored Work
Price depends on medium, time spent, and style.
$ 20 - $ 60
Originals I don't want to sell, etc. Click here to go to the Prints page.
$ 2 - $5
International fares will vary.
$ 2 - $ 5

Pieces used for commercial purposes will be set at much different prices than those above.

How to Order
If you've read this far, then you're probably somewhat interested! What you need to do is simple:

  • 1. Email me with a description of what you want. Be as detailed as possbile; if you want your picture to be a perfect recreation of your invisionment, then you'll need to be very very detailed in your description. Tell me how your character(s) look, what they wear, what is their descent, what's their attitude, hairstyles, eye color, skin tone, do you want them to pose, etc.
    • a. Do you have restrictions? - Yes, I do. No hentai, but tasteful nudity is fine. (Please note that I decide what is and isn't tasteful.) I'm not very good at mecha, so ask me to do that at your own risk. I won't draw more than four characters per peice of paper, unless they're (...I make exceptions to this rule.) SD/Chibi. I'm not a fan of shounen-ai or shoujo-ai, but at long as what you ask for is considered tasteful, I'll make it.
    • b. Do you take on larger projects? - Depending on how busy I am, size of the project, etc. I consider three or more pictures in a series a project.
  • 2. I'll send you a price, then I'll start the work as you send me the money. We'll work out shipping and money info, so don't worry. If you don't send payment, I'll stop working, or claim the work as my own. When I finish, and your payment is safely cashed, I'll scan the image and email it to you, then send you the signed original copy.
    • a. How long will it take you to complete my request(s)? - It depends, of course, upon the request. It could take from half a week to half a month for a piece.
    • b. How do I pay? - You send me the payment via mail, or paypal. The full payment mustbe made (and promtply, please.) for you to receive anything. I won't even send you the scan if I haven't been payed.

That's it for now. If you have questions, please, feel free to ask!

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